Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Current Palette Lovin!

Oh how I love a good palette but honestly, it has taken me a while to build the collection I have today. I have been building my makeup collection over the past few years and I have had my fair share of flops in terms of palettes but with that, I have also found a few gems too. As of right now, I probably have too many for my little face but I don't really care because each one in my collection is one I either love or am testing out. I have also been trying to step out of my little comfort zone recently and use products that I should reach for but don't enough and so I am going to share some of them today because I have been reminded how good they really are.

I had an obsession with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette when I first got it but slowly I started to use it less and less. When I felt a little uninspired the other day, I pulled out this palette and created a look I actually really loved. This palette contains the necessary neutrals but also a lot of these unique pinks, purples and greens which is super fun to have. As for the formula, I love these shadows. The mattes are so pigmented and they blend beautifully and as for the shimmers, they apply nicely and look super metallic on the lid. I like to apply the shimmer shades wet but I do that most of the time because I find that it is that bit more smooth to apply and it also causes less fall out. This palette is a little steep in terms of price but if you know you are going to wear these sort of shades then I would definitely say you should buy it because the quality is there.
You might have seen this recently in that matte purple eye look I created (linked here) which I used the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Mini Palette in, but I am still playing around with it a lot and I'm gathering some final thoughts which makes sense as to why I am using it so much. I love the colour scheme of this palette, it is pretty standard for me in terms of the warm tones but quite a few of these shades, I don't own in any other palette which makes this palette super unique to me. Even though I plan on doing a whole in depth review, so far, I do really like what I have tried from this palette.

The final eye shadow palette I have to mention is one I have been grabbing recently when I have been in need of a really metallic eyelid shade, the Wet N Wild Walking On Egg Shells Trio. This comes with three beautiful shimmer shades that I look amazing with a wet brush as it gives such a beautiful metallic finish. I tend to reach for the two lighter shades most because I like a lighter shade on the lid. This palette has been in my collection for so long and I always forget about it but every time I use it, I love it. This trio is all I need with a few matte shades in the crease, I also really love the highlight shade, not only on the lid, but also on the skin to highlight.
As for another highlighting palette, the NYX Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette has been one of my go to highlighters recently. These shades are so super metallic and pigmented and the shades in this palette are so wearable but there are also some really fun colours. This palette is fairly new in my collection and I have been testing it out recently and it turns out that I really like it. I do find that I mix a few shades for my perfect colour but on the skin it can look so beautiful and metallic looking. I don't think I have ever had a full highlighting palette before but I really do like this one and I am super impressed with its quality, definitely recommend.

The final palette I have to mention is the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Goddess which has been a solid favourite of mine for a while but I just always neglect it. Even though this is a blush palette, it comes with four blushes and four highlighters. The highlighters are nice but I do find myself going into this palette for the blush colours. They are all matte and in really wearable shades. I find that they look so great on the skin with every look but I also love wearing them on the eyes when I fancy something more warm, which is most of the time.

Do let me know what palette you recommend most in your collection, I would love to know.
Grace xx